National Road Association of Illinois Membership

The National Road Association of Illinois has established the following goals: Increase recognition of the National Road as a significant component of Illinois history, enhance and promote cultural and natural resources in the National Road corridor, promote economic development through tourism, and enhance the tourist’s experience.

Membership Categories

  • $15 Emigrant: Settlers who moved from one state to another on the National Road (This is an individual, personal membership).
  • $35 Livestock Drover: Drovers herded cattle, pigs and other livestock on the National Road (This is a minimum for businesses, chambers, museums, and non-profits).
  • $100 Horseback Rider: Horseback was a common way to travel on the National Road (Minimum for governments & small industries).
  • $300 Shotgun Messenger: The man who rode shotgun on stagecoaches.
  • $500 Wagon Train Boss: The man who led a wagon train, which was occasionally seen on the National Road.
  • $1,000 Conestoga Teamster: The man who drove Conestoga wagons, the semi-trailers of the 1800s. Your gift may be tax deductible.

Membership Benefits

  • Emigrant: Membership card and bi-monthly newsletter.
  • Livestock Drover: All Emigrant benefits, plus business listing and website link on our website.
  • Horseback Rider: All Livestock benefits, plus a National Road lapel pin.
  • Shotgun Messenger: All Horseback Rider benefits, plus a National Road magnet.
  • Wagon Train Boss: All Shotgun Messenger benefits, plus a National Road patch and CD.
  • Conestoga Teamster: All Wagon Train Boss benefits, plus a National Road t-shirt.

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